A Decade of Impact

Reflections on 10 Years of the European B Corp Movement from the Portuguese Community

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4 min readMay 30, 2023

Written by Marta López

The B Corp movement has gained remarkable momentum over the past decade, attracting businesses committed to using their influence for good. Recently, the B for Good Leaders Summit and B Corp Festival took place in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, bringing together purpose-driven leaders, B Corps, and friends of the movement from around the world. At the iconic venue of the Nemo Museum, some of the members of our Portuguese B Corp community had the opportunity to experience the true meaning of being part of an interdependent community.

View from the 10-year celebration at Amsterdam’s Science Museum. Photo by Catarina Maltez, from Code for All.

In this article, we gather some of their insights and experiences from these inspiring events that reunited thousands of people, businesses, and leaders to discuss and work collectively to benefit all, people and the planet.

From Profitability to Impact

In Europe and a world yearning for positive impact, the B for Good Leaders Summit, a gathering of leaders and visionaries, took place within the walls of the former stock exchange of the Netherlands. Once a bastion of financial transactions and profit-driven pursuits, the iconic venue now stood as a powerful symbol of transformation and a testament to the urgent need for a new paradigm in leadership and economy. B Lab, as an official partner of the summit, invited leaders of B Corps to join the prestigious event to demonstrate their pioneering role in this transition.

For the Portuguese B Corp community who attended the summit, the event highlighted the extraordinary evolution of companies over the years. “It shows how much companies have evolved over the years and the shift in focus from profitability to impact”, said Cláudia Pedra, Managing Partner of the Portuguese B Corp Stone Soup Consulting.

Reconnecting with Nature and Creating a Regenerative Economy

A recurring theme throughout the B For Good Leaders summit was the urgent need to reconnect with and respect nature while fostering a regenerative economy. Portuguese B Corps were deeply moved by the wisdom keepers who shared insights from their indigenous communities, showcasing how circular economies have always been integral to their way of life. One of the most captivating sessions explored innovative forms of governance, demonstrating how nature can play a pivotal role in strategic decision-making as a CEO or board member. This prompted reflections within the Portuguese B Corp community about their own governance models.

“It has been such a great opportunity to be able to discuss innovative governance practices at the same time connecting with the age-old wisdom of the indigenous leaders that shared their community practices at the summit. Now we must continue this path and commit to working together as B Corps, towards the common good”, Cláudia Pedra, Stone Soup Consulting.

Cláudia Pedra (in the middle) at the B for Good Leaders Summit, Amsterdam, May 2023. Photo by Cláudia Pedra.

Leading by Example and Advocating for Change

The B for Good Leaders Summit was a unique opportunity for the Portuguese community to get inspiration from other like-minded leaders and business that values social and environmental impact above all and a moment to recognize the importance of sharing principles, values, and ethics, and work together towards common goals.

For Cláudia Pedra, the summit was an extraordinary opportunity to reflect on the governance models and “how B Corps can lead by example and actively advocate for change within their own companies and their ecosystem”.

Building Collaborative Connections

While the B for Good Leaders Summit was a two-day conference where business leaders met to collectively build solutions for the most important challenges of today, like climate change and inequality, the B Corp Festival was a night reserved for the B Corp community to mingle and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the B Corp movement in Europe. 10 years of impact and community. 10 years of using business as a force for good. The celebration provided a platform for the Portuguese B Corps to establish valuable connections with fellow B Corps and aspiring B Corps from all across Europe and the globe. These connections pave the way for future collaborations and partnerships on various projects. The Portuguese B Corp community left the events motivated and inspired to work together with like-minded organizations to drive positive change.

Catarina Maltez and Cláudia Pedra at the B Corp Festival celebrating 10 years of B Corps in Europe

The B for Good Leaders Summit and the B Corp Festival in Amsterdam were transformative experiences for the Portuguese B Corp community. As Catarina Maltez, Senior Risk, Incentives, and Sustainability Associate at Code for All said, “Together, we will continue to make a positive impact, creating a more sustainable and inclusive future for all”.

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B Corp Festival: A 10-year celebration of the B Corp movement in Europe. Photo by Daniela González



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