An Interview with Paolo Braguzzi on the B Corp Beauty Coalition

B Corp Beauty Coalition

What is the B Corp Beauty Coalition? What is its vision?

Who is Paolo Braguzzi, and what is your role in this coalition?

Paolo Braguzzi, former CEO of Davines, now B Corp Activist.

It’s very exciting that the coalition is officially launched. Can you summarize what the critical milestones in getting it to launch were?

Who can join the coalition? How did you set the eligibility criteria?

What is it like working on such a collaborative initiative? How do you experience it? Any highs and lows to share so far?

Is it hard to build a genuine relationship with your industry competitors?

Photo by Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash

Can you share with us what were essential considerations for you in terms of the governance framework?

The purpose of the B Corp Beauty Coalition is to improve the sustainability standards of the Beauty Industry. What are the most crucial issues/challenges to tackle in this field?

The Beauty Coalition’s vision

What are essential short-and mid-term steps of the coalition?

Any tips you want to share with fellow companies who might be on their way to creating a collective action for their industry?




Highlighting how companies are using business as a force for good across Europe

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B Lab Europe

Highlighting how companies are using business as a force for good across Europe

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